Streptococcus salivarius K12 (BLIS K12™)
100 million CFU per lozenge (Maintenance)
Streptococcus salivarius K12 (BLIS K12™)
500 million CFU per lozenge (Boosted)

Boosted Probiotic Lozenges

(500 million CFU)

Maintenance Probiotic Lozenges

(100 million CFU)


(11 customer reviews)

BLIS PROBIOTICS TRAVELPROTECT is a targeted throat probiotic that works in the mouth and throat to colonise the mouth with good bacteria and support the body’s immune defences when travelling and exposed to airborne germs.


Dissolve lozenge in the mouth. Do not chew or swallow whole. Avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes after taking, to give the probiotics the best chance of colonising in the mouth and throat

Suitable for children 3 years and over.




11 reviews for TRAVELPROTECT

  1. Jyp

    I purchased the travel protect lozenges

  2. Sarah


  3. Erin


  4. Kirsty

    Travelled around my house, throat is feeling pretty good thanks to these Blis probiotic lozenges. Good for upcoming cold season too!

  5. Drew

    i found the louzanges good

  6. Shannon

    traveller probiotics

  7. Michael

    the blis probiotics I bought was the Traval probiotics they come in good size as for taste they taste better then some the one I have bought in the pass from outher brands they tasted very bitter and not that good packageing looks good and nice.

  8. Louise

    love them they targeted probiotics to support a healthy mouth and throat. streptococcus salivaius k12 helps protect mouth and throat thank you xx

  9. Robert

    I really like blis probiotics. they provide a convenient source of nutrients in a simple capsule.

  10. Roxy

    I got the travel probiotic as I’m traveling to Alaska at the end of the year. I took one lozenge and it tasted a lot better then any other that I’ve tasted.

  11. Anup

    a great product, felt refreshed after having this and more energetic.

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