Streptococcus salivarius K12 (BLIS K12™)
100 million CFU per lozenge

Probiotic Lozenges


(92 customer reviews)

BLIS PROBIOTICS IMMUNEDEFENCE is a targeted throat probiotic that works in the mouth and throat to colonise the mouth with good bacteria and support the body’s immune defences


  • Supports the body’s immune defences to help the body fight illness
  • Boosts good bacteria in the mouth and throat
  • Refrigeration not required


Dissolve lozenge in the mouth. Do not chew or swallow whole. Avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes after taking, to give the probiotics the best chance of colonising in the mouth and throat

Suitable for children 3 years and over.




92 reviews for IMMUNEDEFENCE

  1. kylie

    immune defense. i suffer with health issues so i was excited for this as anything to help the immune system is a win. this product is easy to find. inexpensive and great for the family. Will continue to use

  2. Emma

    I bought the immune defence. They where ok, didnt get much of a taste, didnt take long to suck. Pretty hard not to crunch

  3. Laura

    I got the Immune defence one. taste was ok, though not entirely pleasant, could be nicer a bit chalky. Im not sure they have made a difference. I did notice a very dry mouth and a bit of a sore stomach, and the product was the only difference in my diet/comsuption. Its an innovative concept but not sure whether it helps at all. easy to take

  4. Gabrielle

    I trialled the immune defense product in the blis probiotics range. From day 1 the one thing I noticed was how it had a nice taste and smell to the lozenge that you slowly suck on. It kind of seemed like it has a very fine touch of vanilla to it which made it more enticing to consume 🙂 I still have a bit left to go but Im confident it is a product that you can rely on what it is meant to be used for

  5. Kristy

    I tried the immune defence throat guard lozenges. They are not like a normal lozenge you’d expect and have a bit of a chalky texture and the taste is a little bland. Coming up to cold and flu season, these are perfect to curb any sore throats. I have noticed a difference with mouth ulcers and sore throats since using this so they do what it hey advertise.

  6. Paula

    immune defense

  7. Valentina

    immunity booster

  8. Lauren

    interesting idea with a nice taste. I didn’t enjoy the chalky texture in my mouth.

  9. Nicole

    Ive chosen the immune Defence, the packaging is pretty.

  10. Erica

    Taste is neither terrible or delightful. Like that they are chewable. Would prefer less packaging but convient to throw a packet in the handbag when on the go.

  11. Luke

    great product, felt great 3 days after using, great price and highly recommended.

  12. Miranda

    Easy to consume, bit like having a lolly. Not super fond of the sweet vanilla taste but getting used to it.

  13. Ron

    Working in a busy environment closely with others has its challenges. Its been comforting to have Blis on my side when it comes to immune defence. Its easy to pallet and grestly beneficial.

  14. shauntel

    it was hard to find in the chemist ware house which isle to go down. but once pointed in the right direction was easy to fine. it taste good

  15. Kate

    It was very unintrusive as it was a very subtle flavour. i did find it a little chalky but not too off putting. A great preventative

  16. Josie

    really liked the convenience of the product. where it is part of my wake up routine after brushing my teeth

  17. rebecca

    super easy to take, don’t have to keep in the fridge and feel like you’re really doing a good thing for yourself.

  18. John

    tastes like something dairy, a bit chalky, hard to tell of the benefits

  19. Stephanie

    the box is nice and refreshing to look at. it was a a little concerning that there is a type of streptococcus in it, but the flavour was pleasant if chalky.

  20. Erin

    These were really hard to find in store, even for employees as they fall under a combination of categories i.e throat lozenges, immune defence and probiotics. That is clearly the stores fault though. Once I finally got the item home, I was pleasantly surprised with their taste and definitely felt they were doing me some good. I wasnt aware of probiotic/immune defence lozenges before this campaign, but am now a fan. I will certainly be recommending these to family and friends.

  21. Daynah

    they taste surprisingly good, even after I brushed my teeth. the texture is weird not like a lozenger but you do get used to it. I love the concept and how easy it is to add the goodness into my daily routine.

  22. Veronica

    THROATGUARD Boosted Protection. These were amazing! I find myself with a sore throat often and found these worked really well.

  23. Monique

    Helps keep your immune protected and removed a tickle in the throat. Amazing.

  24. Kaleigh

    Easy to use product. Use it after you’ve brushed your teeth, and don’t drink or eat for 30 minutes. Taste and texture are fine. A bit more of a hassle than a probiotic pill, but this is for throat health, so needs to be a bit more local I suppose.

  25. Natasha

    I got the immune defence lozenges. They have a pleasant milk taste but are dry and hard to suck so feel a bit of a chore as youre not supposed to chew them. It doesnt feel like they do anything

  26. Ashley

    I picked up the immune defence probiotic. Sadly, they haven’t been a big hit with myself, my partner or my 4 year old. If it was a swallowable tablet I think it would be much easier, the chalky taste isn’t fantastic.

  27. Rebecca

    I picked up the innumerable defence. I liked the idea of a dissolvable lozenge. but the lozenge itself takes quite a long time to dissolve. this wouldn’t bother me if the lozenge had a better taste or texture. but I’m sad to say I don’t really like either. I’d much prefer a tablet just to swallow.

  28. Dani

    I was surprised that the lozenges were chalky in texture. This made them a bit strange and difficult to suck as they didn’t have a smooth surface. The flavour also wasn’t a flavour I found conducive to a lozenge. A powder mixed into water or milk would be an alternative to this lozenge. I haven’t been using them long enough to determine a difference in my throat and mouth health. As we’re socially distancing presently we’re not exposed to as many cold viruses as we might otherwise be so the chance of getting sick is lower before the lozenges.

  29. Jodie

    I’m perplexed. I’m not sure this product is either good nor bad. It hasn’t made a difference so it’s too hard to tell if it does anything.

  30. Nicole

    I love the idea of these. I wanted to love them. But I couldn’t take them for longer than a week. The flavour of these are apparently vanilla, but it is the most chalky and foul taste. the tablet also takes far too long to dissolve. I had to stop taking them as I was becoming more and more repulsed by the taste and texture each day. I really wanted these to work, so I’m quite upset this is my experience with them.

  31. Stacey

    I trialled the immune defence lozenges and I found the taste so bad I spat it out before finishing it. The lozenges looks like tablets and may be confused as such if someone doesn’t read the box.

  32. Nathan

    Im sorry but its a terrible taste, and a horrible feel in your mouth

  33. Krystal

    great flavor,

  34. Lisa

    easy to swallow, no foul smell.

  35. Amanda

    We purchased the immune defence daily probiotic. Although an unpleasant texture, the tablets had a nice slight hint of flavour and both the kids and I were able to take them daily with ease.

  36. Rebecca

    The immune defence lozenges tasted fine. Not sure if they work as I wasnt unwell while trailing them. I have had no notable improvement or evidence if they work.

  37. Ashley

    I like that they are dissolvable the taste is a little odd though I think a chewable option would be great

  38. Peta

    I picked Immune Defence. The first thing I noticed is that there is no ingredient list other than the active ingredient. I had to go on to the website to find allergens, if there was sugar or any other sweeteners used. As someone who avoids sugars this is important information for me. The lozenge themselves tasted ok, left my mouth dry and powdery. I haven’t noticed any difference in how I feel or if they are working in any way

  39. Jess

    I tried the Immune Defence Blis Probiotics. It’s hard to tell if it worked or not because it’s one of those products where if nothing happens then it works! It has only been a week so I’m not sure if it has made a difference yet or not. I find the flavour is nice but it takes a really long time to dissolve, sometimes up to 20 minutes! As you have to take it after brushing your teeth and can’t eat or drink for 30 minutes after I find it easiest to take it at night.

  40. Jayne

    I’ve only taken it for a few days but so far it seems good.

  41. Bianca

    immune defence

  42. Elisha

    Immune defence – its OK but I think Id only use it if I were getting sick. I wouldnt just buy it all the time to use. It tastes pretty bad and dries out your mouth.

  43. Jessica

    immune defence was not bad. taste was pleasant, a bit like milk candy. it was a little bit tricky to get the right routine for taking it, as it specifically has to be after brushing teeth and without eating or drinking for 30 minutes.

  44. Bradley

    it was like a very old Panadol tablet or aspirin. pretty tasteless but ok. I ended up chewing it near the end cause it was taking too long to dissolve. Overall it was ok. Nothing to write home about. if it does it’s job that’s all that counts.

  45. Tammy Marie

    taste nice, took for ever to dissolve gave me a little energy hopefully it boost my immune system

  46. Jessica

    I picked up the Immune Defence lozenges and have just started taking them. I’ve only just started taking them and I like the idea of them.

  47. Chris

    been prone to a sore throat lately, these have completely helped getting it under control. taste really pleasant too

  48. Maria-Meryem

    It was a handy and convenient to have at home.

  49. Antra

    its easy and convenient to take the Immune defence lozenges. I can carry it with me anywhere I go dont have to worry about forgetting to take it. its taste ok to me.

  50. Shantelle

    Ive tried the BLIS PROBIOTICS Immunity Boost . The taste is pleasant so easy to remember to take , a bit chalky twords the end bit it works great .

  51. Catrina

    Love the product and the mission behind the company. I got these for my husband, and he says they are great! easy way to have a probiotic and protect his immunity.

  52. Elizabeth

    loved the product. It boosts your immune system to make you feel healthy. I really like it and would buy it again I could feel the change as I felt better and stronger.

  53. Ross

    Pleasant mild taste and very affordable. Feels great knowing I’m helping protect myself thru the winter season.

  54. Michael

    really quite surprised! I thought this might be dodgy, but it was great to try

  55. christina

    The lozenges have a nice natural vanilla flavour. The packaging is attractive. The product works well. Product can be used 1 to 2 times a day.

  56. Petrina

    the packaging stood out amongst the other probiotics products ranged in chemist warehouse. this is product is different from all the other probiotics I’ve tried. this is easy to consume and store

  57. Renee

    immunedefence. Im always on the lookout for good products to assist in a holistic approach to health. The tablets are thick but dissolved quickly and no strong taste. I have to remind myself not to chew!

  58. Skye

    I loved the fact that it doesn’t need to be in the fridge, I loved the flavour tasted like vanilla marshmallows, easy to remember to take them, and very reasonably priced

  59. Nici

    I have reviewed Immune Defence. I think the packaging is easy to understand and follow. I did however have a lot of trouble trying to find the product on the shelf. they weren’t located on the shelf itself but rather hanging in the aisle so I missed it. I’m enjoying the taste of the tablet, it’s also easy to take. I look forward to purchasing more of this range.

  60. Andre

    Blis Probiotics Immune defense – I have been taking one each night and takes about 30 minutes to dissolve. There is little taste and a floury texture on your tongue but small enough to not bother you. I would recommend using the product!

  61. Tara

    great easy to use product. its nice to have targeted protection coming into flu season.

  62. Emily

    great taste. easy to take and digest appears to be effective-

  63. Laura

    I actually had a minor sore throat when I started taking these. Within 2 days it was gone. I tend to always get a really bad sore throat so it was surprising how quickly this disappeared. the flavour isn’t in pleasant but it is fantastic either. I also wish they dissolved a little quicker.

  64. Meagan

    I am unsure if it is working. How can you tell? it tastes nice and is easy to take. o have had no side effects. on day 3

  65. Kelly

    I bought the Blis Probiotics Immune Defence Lozenges and since taking them have been feeling really good and healthy. In the pack you get 30 Probiotic Lozenges. Each are 3x 10 Blister Packs which for me is the best as I can carry a blister pack in my handbag . The lozenger is a small (size of a 5 cent piece) white, hard-pressed tablet with is also vanilla flavoured, which for me was the best as I love vanilla and all you need to do is take one tablet once or twice a day.. Also being a Probiotic you expect to pay over $30 but this pack was around $15 at Chemist Warehouse. How good is that!! All up Very Happy.

  66. Tara

    I brought the Immune Defence what I loved about this is that it’s 1. lozenge 2. Probiotic for the mouth and throat 3. It restores good bacteria in the mouth and throat 4. it doesn’t have a menthol lozenge taste

  67. Stephanie

    I got the Immune Defence lozenges. They have a mild, yet pleasant taste and are easy and convenient to take. I can’t really say if they’ve had an impact on my health or immune system, but I’d still take them.

  68. Hung

    I got the throatguard to trial. It doesnt have any real flavours but just a hint of milkiness. Havent tried it long enough to really judge on effectiveness but so far so good. Havent experienced any itchiness in the throat so seems to be doing what it says it does.

  69. Violette

    The taste is gentle on the mouth and not overpowering. If its protecting my immune system then Im very happy, especially with everything going around now.

  70. John

    I tried the vanilla general probiotic. The texture of the tablet was something I was not used to but look forward to the vanilla taste now and enjoy the suck more than initially. Have not been able to determine realistic difference between my old brand and this probiotic however.

  71. Federica

    I have appreciated having an alternative to the lozenges I usually buy. The packaging looks great and the product is effective.

  72. Emma

    I must say I would purchase these again! I am not a fan of having to swallow a pill every morning, it’s inconvenient when you’re in a rush to get to work and you need to have water which is an extra step! The taste was fine, and I like that the company is being innovative with their products

  73. Lai

    i pick up immuse defence longezes. it awesome result. my throat feel fresh and relax after consume

  74. Jacqueline

    I picked up the immune defence and I have noticed a difference already after taking them for a week. The lozenges are easy to take and don’t taste bad.

  75. kelly

    I trialled the Immune Defense 30 Lozenges. When I think of lozenges, I definately dont think – powdery tablet that you have to suck on. The initial taste and texture was unpleasant, it was chalky & reminded me of a horrible medicine my mum gave me as a kid. I did persist, night 2 was better, I knew what to expect. Night 3, the chalkyness didnt bother me and it kind of tasted like vanilla. I have kept taking them, just as the instructions said and it is now part of my nightly routine. I had been on a lot of antibiotics for 3months so the idea of an immune defence probiotics worked for me. I feel good and i havent had any throat or mouth issues since I started thd trial. Im not sure I would pay full price for them though.

  76. Natalia

    I trialled the immunedefence daily probiotic. It was not what I expected when I read lozenges. The table itself is powdery not like other lozenges. But the hint of vanilla flavour helps. It takes a while to just suck it and try to break the urge to chew haha. The branding on the box isn’t something I would immediately draw too and to be honest it’s not a product I would think of purchasing and to go find as I didn’t know it was a thing / never seen it promoted. Good value for money when on sale but wouldn’t pay full price to be honest. I was trying to see if it has any added sugar for the flavouring but couldn’t find that information. usage information is clear however.

  77. Sabina

    I trialled the throat lozenges and they had a slight vanilla taste which is pleasant as I love that flavour. My throat was slightly tingly so I started taking the lozenges and after a few days I found that my throat felt better each time. this will be very good for winter and easy to remeber to take

  78. Benjamin

    I tried Immune Defence probiotics. When I first saw this product I thought huh? how will this work given it’s in tablet form. After taking it home and trying them for two weeks I was surprised to find out how easy it is to use. The texture is smooth and dissolves without any yucky residue. As for the flavour I quite liked the vanilla flavour it wasn’t too intense or too sweet. I keep mine in the fridge and take it before bed after my shower. It’s a brilliant product and very convenient and easy to use.

  79. Ingrid

    I tried the Immunedefence Blis probiotics. I did enjoy the probiotics and I think they were good at helping protect my throat from sore throats that are very common in this climate change. I did not like very much the taste of the lozenges (we are used to the sweet and soft lozenges). These were dry and not great taste.

  80. Amber

    I bought immune defence as I always get sore throats regularly in all seasons. I am a big fan that the probiotic targets the one area. I hate taking powder form tablets but surprisingly the vanilla flavour wasn’t bad or strong in flavour and it took about 10 minutes to dissolve.

  81. Katie

    Great product with lots of benefits especially as I work in a large office with lots of people and during cough and cold season there are always so many bugs going around so a strong immune system is vital. I liked the packaging and found it informative with good detail. The product tasted ok. Didn’t love it but didn’t hate it. The biggest downside was trying to remember not to take it within 30 minutes of eating or drinking. I’d rather be able to take something anytime without having to think about it. All round though it was a good product with lots of great benefits and I would recommend it.

  82. Jordan

    easy to swallow, pleasant taste, good preventative measure for winter.

  83. Lauren

    It has a nice mild flavour which was a nice surprise as I didn’t expect it to taste very nice.

  84. Cindy

    love taking pro biotic by tablet! saves me time mixing it into a drink with a busy toddler life!

  85. Emma

    pleasant taste, easy to take

  86. Vanessa

    Product looked good and was well priced. I am surprised at the taste, I thought it was going to be awful but its pleasant.

  87. Zoe

    Theyre pretty good, easy to take and because you take them after brushing teeth, i keep them with my toothbrush so that I always remember to take them.

  88. Saara

    This is a very different way to have a probiotic. It’s easier to take then the other probiotics on the market.

  89. Michelle

    I trialled the throat lozenges which had a vanilla after taste which was pleasant. I used them when my throat was sore, as I do get tonsillitis easily when I am feeling stressed. The lozenges did not releave much pain however my throat started to feel better a few days later. I will be restocking this product at home.

  90. Mathew

    at first when I opened the box I was a bit skeptic although as they looked like a tablet and not a lozenger. The vanilla flavour smelt good and tasted nice than other probiotics I have had. It felt a bit rough on my tongue and took about 8minutes to completely dissolve. I have being taking 1 lozenger once daily and so far I feel good.

  91. Vinil

    bliss immune defence is a great cost effective option and highly targeted for current health issues.

  92. Eva

    Immune defence – Packaging is good, eye catching and interesting. The tablets themselves are not appealing at all but thankfully dont have a strong bad taste but you do get the slightest hint of the vanilla flavour… with the brushing teeth rule before taking them, you can really only take them first thing in the morning and at night before bed so guess that makes it easy to set a routine to take them. Overall its an interesting product and im keen to see what benefits I notice more long term.

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